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Tracks: The Best of The Howling Coyote Radio Hour Part I



The goal of The Mile High Show is to highlight the performers, artists, musicians, and creatives in and around the Mile High City of Prescott, AZ.

No one embodies that spirit more than Jim Sobo, founder of The Howling Coyote Tour.

Jim takes over the mics of our podcast periodically to interview some of our local music legends. Here is a compilation highlighting some of the best moments of Jim's "Howling Coyote Radio Hour"

We hope you enjoy the music and take a moment to share this site, these artists, and their music.

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001      Margo and Brian: Invisible Ink

002      Pat Beary: Phonograph

003      Johan Glidden: Giving Up on Heaven

004      Leslie Earl Lyman: Water Pouring Down

005      Gary Ukura: Liquor Store

006      Kenny James: You're the Song

007      Steph Griffin: Hollywood

008      Sean Patrick McDermott: Houston

009      Nick Canuel: Time Stands Still

010      Jim Sobo: Little Love Will Do

011      Tommy Anderson: 4th of July

012      Darin Mahoney: Confused

013      Brad Newman: Feel So Near

014      Cross Eyed Possum: Keep Walking On

015      Micah Gean: Helps to Sing-Along

016      Garrick Rawling: No Tengo Palabras

017      Jonathan Best: Build the Bridges


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