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Episode #11 with Dan Fraijo

February 23rd, 2015

Episode #11 is up- This week Matt sits down with Dan Fraijo, former Fire Chief & current mayoral candidate for the City of Prescott, AZ

Fraijo was thrust into the national & international spotlight on June 30, 2013 when the city and his department suffered one of the greatest tragedies in firefighter history- the loss of the entire Granite Mountain Hotshots crew, now known as the Yarnell Hill 19.

Listen in as Fraijo talks about his history and how he became a firefighter. How he, his department, and his city dealt with the loss of 19 friends and family members, and how he believes he can help his city if elected mayor.

Episode #10 with Nick DeMarino, 5enses Mag

February 16th, 2015

Episode #10 is up- This week Matt sits down with Nick DeMarino, local journalist, founder & publisher of 5enses Mag, a Prescott Based science, arts, & culture magazine.

Nick, a newlywed & new father explains how he landed in Arizona, why he stayed, how waking up in an Absinthe haze one morning in Japan set him on his journalistic path, & why Godzilla is the ideal dad.

This week’s episode was recorded at Brick & Bones Moonshine Bar & Bistro on Prescott Arizona’s Historic Whiskey Row.

Episode #9 with Road 1 South

February 9th, 2015

Episode #9 is up- This week Matt sits down with Road 1 South, the Prescott, AZ Blues Band that bills itself “Rare Blues Well Done”.

Road 1 South is comprised of Dwight Develyn (drums), John Wurtz (guitar), Ron Green (bass), Gregson “Notes” Gordon (harp), Chris Russo (guitar), & Ofer Harel (percussions).

Listen in as they talk their roots, inspiration, road stories, love of vinyl, & John’s heartfelt tribute to the Yarnell 19.

Watch the YouTube video of that tribute HERE & more videos of the band as well

Episode #8 with The Brit Comedy Doc

February 4th, 2015

Episode #8 is up- Listen to Dr. Dan “The Brit Comedy Doc” Nightingale as he tells us about his days growing up in the UK, the medical practice he and his wife have in Prescott, AZ, and his thoughts on  US health care system.

Check him out February 7th at Brick & Bones Moonshine Bar, the Tempe Improv, and his headliner show at the Elks Theater this coming June.

Enjoy the show, please take a minute to drop us a line through our CONTACT page. 

Episode #7 with PK Gregory

February 2nd, 2015

PK Gregory is a singer/songwriter whose childhood took him from Alaska to the Oklahoma oil fields to a Norwegian high school.

After playing in teen metal bands, PK landed in Texas where his style took shape in what has been described as “kinda like listening to Johnny Cash meets John Prine with a smattering of Townes Van Zant thrown in." 

PK sat down with The Mile High Show recently at Cork & Cuisine to talk music, world travel, the Arizona music scene, and his upcoming album.

Check out PK at & The Mile High Show at


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