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Episode #67: Kaleidoscope with Dani Fisher & Melanie Banayat


Episode #67: Kaleidoscope with Dani Fisher & Melanie Banayat.

Are we really in control of our own destiny?  Join Dani for an interview with guest artist/writer/health consultant and classy lady extraordinaire, Melanie Banayat as we explore her journey of struggle to success as...beyond all the titles, an enlightened human and creative healing spirit.  Melanie talks about her overcoming of hard knock life and health issues through choice and nutrition, but as we dive deeper, we learn about, over all the healing power of love and art and how it can save a life and ignite everyone that surrounds one's diligent path,  if we can only give in.  

Melanie's book, "Stretch Your Brave, Hack Your Story", is a book filled with healing information, gorgeous artwork and inspiring quotes that help coach inquisitive souls on their path to living life to its fullest in all directions. 

This week’s episode was recorded at The Raven Café.

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